Cherry Chocolate Chip Buckwheat Scones

I’m very excited to present my first, official original recipe! So far, I’ve mostly shown examples of recipes I’ve borrowed from other bloggers and cookbooks, but when I made the decision to start a food blog, I also made the decision to get more courageous in the kitchen. To my delight, my first baking experiment was a total success. : )

Breakfast is an amazing meal, and offers an array of sweet treats: muffins, donuts, coffee cake…..But it’s hard, as a healthy eater who avoids processed sugar, to indulge in those types of food (anytime of the day, but especially not in the morning). If I ever eat any of that stuff (and, of course I would only eat it if it was vegan) I end up feeling super sluggish later in the afternoon. It’s basically eating dessert for breakfast, and sugary bread is no way to start the day.

When friends of ours invited us over for brunch I knew I wanted to offer something more than my standard morning green juice to the hosts (not that my green juice wouldn’t be a hit!). What could I make that had a fun Sunday-brunchy feel, but that wasn’t full of sugar? After doing some internet-perusing on my favorite blog sites (like my friend at Health Glut who made these last week), inspiration struck: scones! Scones are more dense and less sweet than a muffin, but still have a morning pastry quality that makes it a worthy item to share at social brunch. In addition, I thought this would be the perfect time to flex my innovative kitchen muscles to try to make a sugar-free, gluten-free vegan version of a scone. And because I had a bowl full of cherries in my refrigerator waiting to be eaten, I knew that would be my flavor foundation.

It took a little trial and error, but I ended up with a solid recipe for rich, nutritious cherry scones. Feel free to play around with the add-ins—instead of chocolate, I think some walnut chips would be great, and you can always change up the fruit (blueberry would be amazing!). Also, if you’re not worried about gluten, some good whole wheat flour would probably work well.

Cherry Chocolate Chip Buckwheat Scones                                                           (loosely adapted from recipe on a Clean Community Forum)


*1 c. all purpose gluten-free flour (I use Bob’s Redmill)

*1 c. buckwheat flour

*1 tsp baking powder

*1/2 tsp baking soda

*pinch sea salt

*1/2 cup coconut oil

*1/4 c water

*1 c pitted medjool dates (used to make date paste; see below for instructions)

*1 1/2 tsp vanilla

*chopped cherries

*cacao nibs (sugar free)

1. Soak medjool dates in water for at least an hour before starting.

2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly coat baking sheet with coconut oil (this is done easily by taking putting a small dollop of coconut oil on a paper towel and spreading it across the pan).

3. Mix all your dry ingredients together in a bowl (flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt).

4. Melt your coconut oil in a small pot. While it’s melting, strain your dates then create date paste. You can do this with either a food processor, immersion blender, or maybe a magic bullet. Blend until dates are paste-like.

5. Add your date paste, water and vanilla to your melted coconut oil. Mix.

6. Add liquid ingredients to dry ingredients. Mix.

7. Fold in cherries and cacao nibs. (Or whatever add-ins you’re using). Dough should be a bit sticky, but firm enough that you can form it into a ball-like form.

8. Coat your hands and the surface of a counter or large cutting board with lots of flour. Work the dough into a more firm ball shape, folding dough over itself a few times. Flatten out a bit to form into a medium size disc. Think of the size of a “personal pan pizza” (I hope I’m not the only one who grew up on Pizza Hut? ;)).

9. Cut disc into triangle shapes. Congratulations, you made a scone!

10. Place scones on baking sheet and bake for 17 minutes.

11. Eat, share, enjoy. <3

everyone loved them! and had seconds. : )

Edit: This post is featured on Healthy Vegan Friday #3!

4 thoughts on “Cherry Chocolate Chip Buckwheat Scones

  1. EJP says:

    OOOooo! Congratulations on the scones! I’m hoping to try the recipe out before my life of a happy cat-snuggling-food-exploring-get-in-shape life comes to end (aka, the little ones come back to school).

  2. absolutely ayurveda says:

    yay to your first recipe creation! and these look amazing! i have never made scones and hadn’t figured out a good sugar-free + gluten-free recipe but now you have answered my prayers to the xgfx gods :)

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