What I Ate/What I Worked Wednesday

Today I’m excited to borrow a blogger trend called “What I Ate Wednesdays.” Basically, bloggers snap photos of what they ate one day and post it for everyone to see how self-identified “healthy eaters” eat. Sometimes it’s healthy, sometimes it’s not, but that’s part of the point: to show that we can be healthy while not being obsessive, and how healthy can also mean some pretty awesome, delicious food. I want to add the “What I Worked” part to highlight my daily exercise, too, since that’s one of my favorite parts of health and wellness! So, without further ado…..

Wake up 730am

Ran 4 miles/Stationary bike cool down while reading articles for syllabus-planning (1 hour)/Ab Ripper X DVD

Breakfast: Green Juice! (Recipe: parsley, small green apple, lemon, ginger, kale, spinach; put all in juicer. drink!). I love drinking veggies for breakfast, since it gives me an excuse to eat a lunch that may not be totally veggie heavy. Don’t get me wrong–I love veggies enough to eat them at every meal, but because I often do yoga or another short workout after lunch, I don’t like heavy/savory things for lunch—that kind of stuff doesn’t sit in my stomach well during a workout. The lunch you’ll see below is my favorite, but one I wouldn’t want to eat if I hadn’t had some veggies in the AM!

green juice with rustic green background. i'm a nerd.

Lunch: Food for Life’s Gluten Free Black Rice Bread with Almond Butter, 1/2 Banana, and cinnamon!

the black rice bread is so good! no bad ingredients!

Snacks/Beverages (not pictured): Green Tea (daily!), Blueberries, additional spoonfuls of almond butter

*Workout Part II: 1 hour of heated Moksha Yoga. (I often split my workouts out in two parts, often saving yoga for the early evening; it’s a great way to unwind after a full day of academic thinking/writing)

Dinner: Moroccan Quiona Salad w/cherries, carrots, spinach, avocado. Recipe adapted from Barefoot and Frolicking.

spicy and delicious.

Dessert. I have a difficult relationship with dessert. It is pretty much my favorite thing ever, but I still have feelings of “guilt” about eating it. It’s been really amazing to see fellow healthy-food ladybloggers write about all the healthy (refined)sugar-free dessert they eat, and how many of them eat it nightly! I still try to avoid dessert *everyday*, but having so many delicious, healthy(ish) recipes to chose from is a beautiful thing. The cookie dough blizzard from Oh She Glows has become a favorite–my partner brings it up almost every other day (“when are we going to have blizzards again?!” he wonders aloud ;) ). No sugar, and served over banana softserve. The lightest, healthiest, most delicious “blizzard” you’ll ever have!

it tastes just like the DQ original, minus the tummy ache. what was your fave blizzard flavor?

All in all, not a terrible eating day. What’s on your plate today? What got your body moving?

4 thoughts on “What I Ate/What I Worked Wednesday

  1. Arv says:

    Today would not be considered one of my finer “what I ate weds” moments. Got a lemon poppyseed muffin at Intelligentsia this AM and made a decadent lunch of Italian leftovers from last night’s dinner date with friends…tho in my defense I did add two farm fresh tomatoes to the pasta. That counts, no? :)

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