Friday Five!

Hello! I hope you’re having a nice week. It got cold here again in New England. I’m definitely ready for the warm weather to stick around, but I’m hangin’ tough.

friday wisdom. feeling this lately.

friday wisdom. feeling this lately.

Here are some things from the internet that caught my eye this week, plus a list of Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy.


30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself 

Okay, so I have really mixed feelings about these self-helpy lists. On the one hand, the promotion of getting happier (or whatever end goal their encouraging) through positive thinking and attitude adjustments really rubs me the wrong way. What about material obstacles like poverty and racism and sexism and heterosexism (etc etc etc)? On the other hand, I think pretty much everyone can benefit from working on finding ways to “start concentrating on the things you can control,” and “start accepting things when they are less than perfect,” and “start listening to your own inner voice,” (among others). I bookmarked the list and have found it helpful to review in the morning before I start my day, (especially the “start working toward your goals every single day”!).


Namast-HAY, Gurl

So, a friend of mine from Chicago started a company called The Little Volcano, which describes itself as “yoga, bodywork and apparel for wizards and weirdos.” Their most recent clothing addition was released this week, and I ordered one immediately. Namast-HAY, gurl! Be still, my queer unicorn heart.


rosie. The Little Volcano, co-founder.


“5 Day Booty Blast”

The names of these things are so ridic, but name aside, this 5 day glute-focused routine from The Daily HIIT was really awesome. It was a nice supplement to my usual workout routine, and it was cool to commit to something everyday for the work week.


Organic Food and the Poor

I love anything that dispels the notion that organic (or vegan or “healthy”) is something that only rich people care about. Although the Whole Foods organic food white lady stereotype is real (hashtag, implicated), this idea that only well-off people care about health erases and dehumanizes poor people and people of color who are very invested in health, even if it looks different from normal definitions of health and/or if they may not have access to resources to perform “healthy citizen” to the same extent as the upper-classes. As the article notes:

“…In reality, the poor actually consider organic food more important than the rich, according to top researchers — and organic isn’t a “select” phenomenon at all. Three-quarters of American shoppers buy organic food at least occasionally and more than a third do so monthly, according to industry analysis by the Hartman Group. When researchers asked why shoppers didn’t buy organic more often, two-thirds said it was because of the higher price.

And yet the myth that only the rich buy organic persists, driven by a kind of circular logic that conflates preference (valuing organic) with behavior (actually buying it). The cost of organic food keeps the poorest families from buying it often, and since only the wealthy can easily afford organic food, the only people we see buying it are wealthy. That, in turn, makes organic food into a norm for the rich, and a treat for the rest of us.”


Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy

getting some promising job news (nothing official, but progress)

kitten love

the “affirmationz and gratitudez” group that i’m a part of

lady book club TONIGHT! (aka, “lesbian bible study”)

dinner with friends


students being so smart

sunshine (even if it’s cold)

new jams (like, music, although some new preserves would be nice too ;))

the fact that ICE got shut down in Boston (#not1more)


friend phone calls and texts

dancing on the town


What made you happy this week? xoox

Springy and Protein-Packed: Zucchini, Kale, Ginger, & Parsley Pudla

Thanks for the support and encouragement re: my last post, friends. <3 It was a nice welcome back to blogging. I appreciate that people are into Rebel Grrrl Living, so I officially made the title change, but I’m actually here today with a recipe!

I’ve been daydreaming about this dish since reading about it on Sayward’s blog. I’ve recently been trying to be more intentional about upping my protein-intake, and my whole fruit or green juice post-workout meals were not cutting it. Let me pause before any smug non-vegans get all, “I told you so,” on me. I truly believe that vegans can subsist on greens, nuts, and seeds and get plenty of protein. I did that for a long time. I was avoiding beans and grains, and had given up soy even before that, and I was functioning just fine. There is a ton of protein in greens! BUT, I am a very active person and I wanted to function better than ‘fine.’ I exercise daily, and at least four of those days include weights (and, with the exception of my active rest day, I do bodyweight workouts on days I don’t use weights). I teach four Yoga Sculpt classes a week, and they are intense. I came to terms with the fact that while many vegans can get sufficient protein from the aforementioned, given my lifestyle, I might not be one of those vegans. So, these past few weeks I’ve been trying to find ways to sneak in more protein: I got a more protein-dense powder for my smoothies; I added an extra tablespoon of hemp or chia seeds to things (salads, oats); and I decided to finally make pudla.

Pudla is basically a chickpea flour pancake. The base is chickpea flour, water, pinch of salt, and whatever other spices you might want. Then you just get to be creative and add in whatever veggies (or other add-ins) your heart desires! I decided to do an all-green, springy combination of zucchini, kale, and parsley, with some freshly grated ginger and turmeric. It was incredibly delicious, so satisfying, and can be enjoyed for any meal of the day.

Here’s what I had to start:



Here’s what it looks like all mixed up:



And here’s the final product!


it doesn’t look super pretty, but it was so delicious!



Zucchini, Kale, Ginger, & Parsley Pudla

1/2 c chickpea flour

pinch salt

1/4 t baking soda 

1/2 t turmeric

1 t ground ginger

1 big leaf kale, finely chopped 

1/4 zucchini, chopped

few sprigs of parsley, chopped

juice from 1/4 lemon

1 t coconut oil


Whisk together dry ingredients. Add in as much water as you need to make it just pourable (not too liquidy). Chop your veggies and add them in. Mix together. Squeeze in lemon juice. Melt coconut oil in a pan, pour batter. Allow bottom side to cook, then flip and cook the top side.



Have you ever made pudla? What kind of variations do you think would be good?

“the transition is the posture”: a special hiatus-breaking friday five

I kept waiting to blog again. I kept waiting for life to be more stable. To have more time. To figure out stuff with my job. To get to the other side of coping with loss (of relationships, another grandparent, my childhood dog).  To get there. Things were too in flux for me to write. I wouldn’t know what to say. Every time I sat down to write it felt like it would ultimately be a version of, “I’m happy and doing really well in so many ways, but then I remember how my foundation is weaker than it’s ever been before, and I fold in half so easily.” It felt inauthentic to write about anything I felt, when how I felt just changed so much. And I didn’t have it in me to write about the kale salad with frozen broccoli and nutritional yeast that I made every night three weeks in a row. “Hey readers, isn’t this kale salad so great?!” No. No this kale salad is not so great. It is a symbol of my inability to find stability in anything in my life other than the fact that I can still go to the store and buy a good head of kale and put it in a bowl without fucking it up. (…That’s not exactly true. I have stable love and support from family and friends, but sometimes a lack of control in one area tricks you into thinking you have a lack of control in all areas, you know?)

…So, I stopped blogging.

But then yoga happened. Yoga, of course, happens everyday, but sometimes something in the yoga room slaps you in the face. This particular moment came in the form of a verbal aside:

“The transition is the posture,” a fellow teacher and friend reminded all of us in the 105 degree room as we changed from standing head-to-knee pose to standing bow-pulling pose. It was one of those moments when you really hear something and it feels like ice on your back. You wake up to it. The transition is the posture, I repeated in my head, and then again, in my head, everyday since.


dandayamana-janushirasana —> dandayamana-dhanurasana

In other words, ‘there’ is now. In between point A and point B are a million moments that are devastatingly simple to take for granted. Somehow we trick ourselves into believe that real life actually only starts after some goal is met or some decision is made. But, it’s all happening (now).  And it’s with this reminder that I’m back. I still don’t know what’s going on with my employment in the fall. I still have not fully coped with the loss of a relationship and some friendships. I am not ‘over’ the death of my grandparents or our dog. But I have been able to find moments of such happiness and joy and excitement, in spite of (because of?) the tenuous nature of my five-month plan. (People in academia without tenure-track jobs are not allowed to have five-year plans.) And this blog has always been a place for me to be accountable to gratitude. A means of documentation that insists those in-between moments are something special and worthy of attention.

So I’m back to blogging. I’m toying with the idea of changing things up a bit. This blog started as a means of escape. Although I proclaimed a commitment to intentional (food and body) politics, there were plenty of posts that were more, “Omg, this vegan dessert is the best, NOMNOM!” And sometimes that’s helpful for me. But other times I really just want to write about the other stuff I care about. Like being a queer femme. And how I spend a ton of time thinking about how to fight against capitalism and cis-heteropatriarchal white supremacy. Or how I love making music playlists, but how it also makes me sad that mix tapes are no longer a thing. ETCETERA.

With that in mind, I’m thinking of making this more…. “Rebel Grrrl Living.” What do you think? More all-encompassing (and a little homage to Martha, to boot). Admittedly, expanding the scope of the blog worries me a bit. I get very self-conscious about sharing stuff about myself on the internet. First, I worry about it in terms of being discovered by students and employers (which is why I keep my last name far, far away from this space). But I also just generally worry about being judged. And that’s something I really want to get over, especially because, when I stop thinking about other people’s opinions of me, the blog is something that brings me a lot of happiness. So, you know….#yolo.

Because it’s Friday, to start off my post-hiatus return, I thought I’d do a Friday Five.  And to honor the new “this is not just about food and yoga,” the list will include stuff that I’ve been digging on a variety of subjects. Plus, of course, a list of Stuff From the Week that Made Me Happy.


Lacy Davis

I’ve mentioned Lacy before, but I’m featuring her in the FF again because, friends,  this woman is a woman to know. We met through the blog and our internet friendship is growing strong. Speaking of strong, I bring her up again because she’s back to blogging at Super Strength Health and every blog post is full of wisdom, and empowerment, and the kind of raw honesty that we don’t get enough of these days. Her take on EDs and ED-recovery is probably the most relatable I’ve ever read (for me). Her last post, for example, on “doing the work,” had me in tears. (The work came when I decided intimacy was more important than my waistline.”) And her path to recovery has this awesome feminist, queer, punk ethos that makes it all the more amazing. Go read her blog, for real!

get it, grrrl.

get it, grrrl.


Triggers and Pedagogy

So this cool thing happened this week. I was asked to be a panelist on a CBC morning show. The staff found me because a few years ago I wrote about using trigger warnings in the classroom, then a couple articles quoted that blog post, and I suddenly became a professor worth talking to. Cool! I said “um” too much and didn’t get to say all the things I wanted to say, but overall, it was a pretty solid panel. You can listen here!


Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

I KNOW THIS IS YEARS OLD AND I AM REALLY LATE TO THE PARTY BUT THIS VIDEO MAYBE CHANGED MY LIFE. Well, by ‘changed my life’ I mean it made me really really really happy when I was really really really sad. It cured me of the blues and I now it’s my go-to if I’m ever feeling a little bit down. If you haven’t seen it, you are in for a treat! If you have seen it, watch it again! And then watch the sequel!

"guess why i smile a lot?...uh, 'cause it's worth it."

“guess why i smile?…uh, because it’s worth it.”


Good Box

This is the most delightful little company ever. The good folks at Good Box create care packages that you can send to anyone you want. Each box has a theme and a set list of items that are included. They have boxes like “The Hugger: A Sustainable Sympathy Care Package” and “The Slow Jam: A Care Package for Lovers.” I sent my dear friend, Melody, a box called “Ladykiller” that included: a feminist zine, locally made recycled patch, jasmine pearls tea and organic honey sticks, a photo and profile of a bad-ass American lady, and a surprise item! They emailed me right after I ordered and asked me to fill out some questions about Mel so they could better personalize it. Mel loved it! This is perfect for those of us who might sometimes be too busy to compile an entire care package, but really want to show support to a long-distance friend or family member. The company is queer-owned and has a mission to be  as sustainable as possible. Totally worthy of support, go visit their site and order some goodies!


Stuff From the Week that Made Me Happy

my students (they said some amazing, humbling stuff this week)

this soup. i ate it for dinner three nights this week!

finishing Season 3 of “Girls.” OMG, WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!

spring weather, finally!

relatedly: only needing a jean jacket when I go outside


doing that radio show!

planning a trip to NYC with my mom for her bday!

making summer plans with special people

this song. and this song. and this cover.

screening “The Punk Singer” in my class

(and the private Bikini Kill dance party I had later that night)



What made you happy this week?


Cashew Ginger Carrot Soup


I’ve been feeling carrots lately. I’ve made a watered down version of this soup twice since January; (literally watered down; I skipped the chickpeas and the pita and the zatar and the veggie stock, and just made it with water; still totally delicious). And this weekend I decided to invent my own pureed carrot soup with just a few simple ingredients:


Carrots, ginger, cashews, water. C’est tout. 


Cashew Ginger Carrot Soup

3 large carrots, chopped thinly

1/4 c   cashews

1 inch ginger, grated

2-3 c water, depending on how thick you like your soup

Chop carrots and place in a pot. Add cashews. Grate ginger into the pot. Add water and bring to a boil. Simmer until the carrots are tender. Use an immersion blender (or pour into a standing blender) and blend until smooth.

Excellent spice toppings: cinnamon, cayenne pepper, pinch salt.


Have you been enjoying a particular soup lately? 

29 for 29: Things That Make Me Happy, Birthday Edition

“We’re going to a party. It’s a birthday party. It’s your birthday party. Happy birthday darling! We love you very, very, very, very, very much!”

twenty-nine years. as i told the 'gram, being this close to thirty just makes me want to take myspace pics.

twenty-nine years old. as i told the ‘gram, being this close to thirty just makes me want to take myspace pics.

Today is the beginning of the last year of my 20′s! I’m drawing inspiration from my fellow Aquarian-sister, Sayward, who just did a birthday post offering “33 [Little] Things [she] Loves at Age 33.” Because I tend to do mini love-lists/things that make me happy lists on Fridays anyway, I thought I’d do a special birthday post providing 29 Things That Make Me Happy. Not just from the week, but from this wonderful era of 20-something-dom. Enjoy. xoxo

1. Yoga.

First thing that came to mind, of course. It changed me profoundly and I honestly can’t imagine my life without it. I fell in love with it at age 24 (first it was Bikram, then hot Vinyasa), and never looked back.

2. Pop-punk/folk-punk and other music that is made by the kinds of bands that play dirty basement house shows with a bunch of punk rock kids drinking PBR and finger-pointing.

This kind of music first stirred my soul in my teenage years, but it never ceases to make me feel young and posi and alive in the best ways. Here are some of my faves.

3. Female Friendship.

Sorry to hit you over the head with it a la Girls, but this shit is real, yo. Being catty towards other ladies is terribly anti-feminist and gets us nowhere. I am *so* grateful for my lady-friendships, and even though I don’t believe in the gender binary and have amazing friendships with men and gender-variant folks, there is something special about lady-identified people sharing friendtime with other lady-identified people. (Extra points if it’s a bunch of femme-identified ladies!). I am absurdly lucky to have some of the most amazing women in my life from all four of my homes.

4. Having Many “Homes.”

I’ve talked about this as something that makes me very sad, but truth be told, it’s also something that makes me happy. The fact that I have pockets of love in so many different zip codes just makes me feel like the world is smaller in a good way. (I love you Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, and, yes, even Boston.)

5. Music That Makes Me Want to Dirty Dance.

This song, for example.

6. Poetry.

There was this thing going around on facebook that encouraged people to post poems, then assign poets to friends, and it led to my feed being full of so many beautiful words.  This site is kind of a greatest hits collection.

7. Theory.

To quote bell hooks: “I came to theory because I was hurting – the pain within me was so intense that I could not go on living. I came to theory desperate, wanting to comprehend – to grasp what was happening around and within me. Most importantly, I wanted to make the hurt go away. I saw in theory then a location for healing.” Real talk. Thank goodness I found my way to the academy and to activism. I can’t imagine a life without the kind of critical framework I’ve adapted through school and political organizing.

8. Resistance.

I do it as a woman, as a queer woman, and a working-class woman. And I’m surrounded by amazing people who do it everyday, navigating a society that disenfranchises queer people, people of color, immigrants, and all the other social locations of oppression.  I’m so grateful to see people fighting back on a daily basis, structurally and interpersonally. <3powertothepeople<3

9. Smoothies and Juices (and my Vita-Mix and my Juicer).

This might seem shallow, but I can’t imagine mornings without a smoothie or a juice, and when my (very generous) ex gifted me a juicer and vita-mix, it was kind of life changing. Very grateful and happy about these additions to my 20s.

10. Hippie Vegan Restaurants.

I know where they are in each of my cities. Shout-outs to Tao, Life Alive, Karyn’s Raw, and Mustard Seed, to name a few. Thanks for feeding me noms that are cruelty-free and don’t make my tummy upset!

11. Bodies of Water.

Bodies of water do things to me. Living in walking or running distance to the Lake in Chicago was one of the biggest reasons that Chicago is and always will be my favorite city. Growing up by Lake Eerie in Cleveland meant more to me than I realized. Having lakes to run around (and skate on!) in Minnesota kept me sane. Sadly, I’m not in walking distance to any water in Boston, but every time I go downtown and pass the river, I just feel moved.

11. Baby Rory

I’ve talked about my first-best-friend’s baby, Rory, on the blog before, and he definitely deserves a place on this list. I cannot be around this child without being completely full of joy. He is a delight and I am so happy I get to be his auntie!


12. Blog friends.

It sounds kind of silly, but I really love the gal pals I’ve made through this blog. This means you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you (and so many more!). Not only has it been fun to keep this blog for myself, but it’s been such a wonderful way to connect with people who have common interests/feelings/thoughts. It makes you feel less alone, you know? Luff. <3

13. Teaching.

I love teaching yoga, of course, but my real calling is teaching college. Just in this first week of classes, I’ve already had students come up to me to say I’ve changed their perspective and that the class is “so exciting” (not always an adjective given to school, right?). We’ve already had conversations about how to dismantle white supremacy and the importance of understanding our positionalities in relations to systems of power. They’ve analyzed commercials to point out cissexism and shared stories of when they first realized they embodied a particular (socially constructed) racial category. All in week one! Whew! I live for this stuff. I think it might actually make a teeny tiny dent in making the world better. And, more selfishly, it’s so damn fun!

14. Pets.

I have to keep this one short, because at the current moment, I do not have custody of my kitty, so I’m typing this with a lump in my throat as thick as a rock. But all my pets—from childhood on to my first cats as a quasi-adult in college through my last sweet baby girl cat—have enhanced my life tenfold. That’s all I can muster about that right now, but they sure do make me happy in general.

15. Laughing.

This is best when shared with friends you’ve known forever, often reminiscing about something ridiculous you adventured in the past. But I’ll take it in any form—(including really stupid comedies; speaking of, someone PLEASE go see Anchorman 2 with me, stat!).

16. Public Transportation.

I spent my formative years falling in and out of love on the El-train in Chicago. There is nothing more romantic than experiencing life’s superlatives on a urine-soaked subway, wheels rattling against the tracks below you, with strangers by your side. That’s not sarcasm. Urine-stink or not, public transit taught me about non-separation long before yoga and opened me up to the grittiest kind of empathy. You really see people on those train rides….Plus, I hate driving and they are good for the environment. So many wins.

17. Lipstick.

Yes, the difference between pitbulls and hockey moms sort of makes my day. Just look how many selfies I take of my mouth when I’m done up in my favorite red.



18. Family.

It’s pretty simple: my family is great and supportive and I love all of them dearly.

19. Going to the Movies.

I like this best with my mom. It was a big part of my childhood, movie-going. I like the popcorn-reeking, Vegas-style megaplexes in the suburbs as much as the cute, old-fashioned indie theaters in the city. I like the previews. I like the anticipation. I like two-ish hours that I’m not distracted by my phone. I like the stories. I like how they move me.

20. Greens.

Kale, spinach, arugula, and dandelion greens are among my favorite, but really any giant bowl of leafy greens make me happy and make me feel oh-so-good.

21. Holidays (& Theme-Appropriateness).

If you know me IRL or have been reading the blog, you know exactly what I mean and how real it is.

22. Coffee Shops.

Specifically, doing my academic work at coffee shops. I wouldn’t have been able to finish my dissertation without having a place to write where I could drink tea and be around other people. Like the El, coffee shops make me fall in love with basically everyone (and not in the sexy way—in the, like, “I am overwhelmed with gratitude to be a part of this earth that I share with these humans who are just like me in so many ways, even when they are so very different.”).

20140124-160400.jpg23. Book Clubs.

Grad school was in itself kind of a giant book club—we read a ton of shit then discuss it—but there is something so adorable and wonderful about actual book clubs. I’m in two right now. One that is yoga-centric and the other is 20-something ladies with feminist-orientations-centric.

24. Routine.

I just wrote about how much this means to me. In addition to food prep, I don’t know what I’d do without my exercise and yoga routine, morning lemon water routine, and cleaning the house routine. It’s just so nice to have a constant when so many things….aren’t.

25. My Heart.

It is an Aquarius heart.  Covered with walls, but intensely vulnerable. More than anything, it is resilient. And I’m so thankful. <3

26. Snail Mail.

I am tickled both sending and receiving things from the under-appreciated USPS. Be my pen-pal?

27. Skylines.

Chicago wins, hands down, but I’ve come to appreciate the skyline in all of my cities. If you couldn’t tell, I’m kind of a city-girl through and through. (I always loved this Jane Jacobs quote: “Our songs and our cities are the best things about us. Songs and cities are so indispensable.”)

28. Those Times When Things Go Your Way.

Like when you find parking in the busiest part of Cambridge, or find the last quarter you need for laundry in your couch cushion, or when you are wearing your cutest outfit on the day you end up in the background of some news story. I just love those moments. : )

29. High-Waisted Shorts.



What’s making you happy lately? xoox

WI(P)W: New Semester Routine/Food Prep!

After a long break filled with traveling, yoga, socializing, and lots of working out of coffee shops, I’m finally back on campus for the new semester. Five weeks of “vacation” can lead to the breaking of good habits and the forming of….well….the de-forming of routine. As a person who feels so grounded in routine, I was very happy to get back to it. And one of the best habits I set this fall was food prep! So today’s rendition of “What I Ate Wednesday” is actually “What I Prepped Wednesday.”

Finding my zen. Lemon scents and knife concentration. Photo by Kimberly Stakes Photography.

Finding my zen. Lemon scents and knife concentration. Photo by Kimberly Stakes Photography.

Sunday night I made lunches for the week (millet and kale), snacks (carrot sticks and raw walnut butter), juices (green!), and dinner fixin’s (roasted chickpeas).




20140122-011637.jpgI used my lower-cal almond butter recipe to make the walnut butter and just replaced almonds with walnuts (obvs).

20140122-011650.jpg(You may notice that those chicpeas are roasting in a convection oven. Here’s a story: when you are a single lady living on your own in the third most expensive city in the country, sometimes you have to rent apartments that don’t have ovens in them because that is all you can afford. File under: #thingsineverthoughtiddo #shityouhavetodoinhardtimes #wtf #makingdo #itsactuallynotsobad.)

It felt great to chop and roast and juice and squeeze and stir. I felt centered and present.

Well….mostly present. I was watching this week’s SNL episode on my Roku….Drake was a wee bit distracting. <3


he been up all night, whole crew’s in here.

Hope you’re having a lovely week. xoxox

Friday Five

Happy Friday! I hope you had a lovely week. Here is another picture from my photo shoot with Kimberly Stakes. I call it “hipster juice.”

As promised, the Friday Five is back. Here are four things from the internet and one list of stuff that made me happy from the week. Enjoy!


Misleading Tea

This article examines some popular tea brands to discover some not-so-awesome ingredients in our favorite leaves. Read more to see if your cup is safe from harmful additives.


Food in Prison

There have been three things that have reminded me of my conversations about food with the incarcerated boys to whom I taught yoga in the jail. Anytime I asked about their meals, they would scrunch their faces in disgust and talk about how gross it was. That’s why I was first annoyed to see this spread of the cast of Orange is the New Black with fresh, organic framer’s market veggies in their prison glamor shots; then equally disturbed to read about the forced “loaf” given to prisoners as punishment; then mildly heartened to read about the prison garden programs that are happening.


Kale is Perfect, Except When It Isn’t

I guess it’s legit that kale can be bad for people with thyroid conditions. Read more to learn about some of the potentially harmful aspects of our fave, trendy leafy green.


Support Body-Positive Nutrition Coach Education for Lacy Davis!

I met Lacy through the blog and I’m so glad I did. She is a fellow feminist who has overcome an eating disorder and now wants to become a body-positive nutrition counselor. Unfortunately, school costs dollars, and Lacy needs our help to get to school. Consider donating to her IndieGoGo campaign so we can infiltrate the nutrition coaching field with rad, feminist voices!


Stuff From My Week That Made Me Happy

Live FB-ing the Golden Globes with some of my best Critical Media Studies Friends. (we had ALL the things to say!)

Hosting our first yoga teacher book club meeting!

Juicy yoga classes.


Out-of-town friend visits.

Playing music with aforementioned friend.

Long-distance, joint Netflix-watching.

A great cup of green tea.

New band discoveries.

Fixing my broken garbage disposal by MYSELF!


(and more…)


What made you happy this week?